Historical and contemporary poetry in Portuguese

In this section you can listen to the voices of Portuguese-speaking poets who are fundamental to historical and contemporary literature: José Saramago, Nobel Prize winner in 1998 who began his literary activity as a poet, together with other authors who have renewed poetic language such as Eugenio de Andrade, Almada Negreiros, Alberto Pimenta, Herberto Hélder. The social and political commitment of Maria Teresa Horta, Manuel Alegre, Natália Correia, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.

The audio documents come largely from the program “A Vida Breve” of the Portuguese National Radio Antena 2, dedicated to the dissemination of the poetry of Portuguese-speaking authors, and partly from the private archive of Roberto Pasquali, President of the Intercultural Association A.I.P.I. with recordings made during some residencies in Portugal.