Sound poetry / Polypoetry

The selected material comes from the 3ViTre Archive of Polypoetry founded in 1983 by Enzo Minarelli and documents the most significant experience of the last century in the field of sound experimentation applied to poetry in a rigorously international context.

The summarized poets are those who have made of oral and vocal research their aesthetic banner. They are presented with large samples to give a complete sense of their production. The sound poetry highlights the voice, the sounds of the language, the intonation, the pronunciation and sometimes the consequent openness to music without neglecting the typical instrumentation of the media. It is addressed at the ear and not at the eye of the user, therefore it must be listened to with the same attention with which it was conceived.

La Voce Regina 1 consists of a first block of authors, about a hundred, created in 2006, to which about fifty were added in October 2022 to celebrate the restyling of both the software and the content desired by the Bologna Municipal Administration.

On the cover

Courtesy Archivio 3ViTre di Polipoesia.